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Berakah Peneil ERP Software solution is highly flexible , easily customizable and complete features for SMEs and Large Enterprise by adopting cutting edge technologies. It is very user friendly, easy and reliable for Myanmar Software Users.

ERP Education Management System

Education Management Education Management

  • Record a personal information of students, teachers and that can be searched or found easily on the data.
  • Report calculation of teachers’ salary as school payment system, students can pay for their school fees by Installment and to analyze school’s ferry fees monthly.
  • Report the calculation of students’ attendance as the method of ministry of education, to list students’ grades with transcripts, the student’s distinction mark and failing subjects can be also reported with their marks.

ERP Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management Human Resource Management

  • Store, View, serch and easily access the employee information
  • Manage and assign each employee's attendance, leave, recruitment system and project
  • Submit the training request to assigned manager and the manager can approve or reject the request
  • calculated overtime and payroll system as well as incentives, allowances, deductions and taxes depend on company structure and policy
  • Ganerate the essential report in HRMS

ERP Trading And Distribution Management System

Trading Distribution Management Trading & Distribution Management

  • Stock adjustment
  • Stock balance can be checked by scanning with wireless Barcode
  • Whole sale and retail sale
  • Multi Currency can be used in the whole system
  • Internal transfer between locations
  • Stock Balance Report (Can be filtered by locations
  • Transfer Report (Choose source locations and destination location

ERP Real Estate Management System

Real Estate Management Real Estate Management

  • Contract- In the contract , information such as size , payment addresses , tasks(integrated to Outlook),status history, payment frequency and date control of lease changes can be attached. Sublease and lenders can be handled. Quotations can be created and managed from the contract.
  • Lease- A lease is always created ival lease information ( terms,conditions,regulations and prices) and functionality is attached and used starting point for the automatic rend calculation.
  • Property Information- The property data information on the individual property such as location , number of floors,and number of units,total building and individual unit area, property tax, value assessment , property manager,history log.
ERP Construction Management System

Construction Management Construction Management

  • Expense and income can be checked separately in department, project and product by using analytic account.
  • Income and expense can be checked and reported in each project.
  • Expense can be calculated and specified by the percentage of finished project.
  • Budget can be recorded and checked in each project by monthly or annual.
  • Stock can make internal transfer between each construction site.

ERP Restaurant Management System

Restaurant Management Restaurant Management

  • A point of sale system is either a stand-alone machine or a network of input and output devices used by restaurant employees to accomplish their daily activities including food and beverage orders, transmission of tasks to the kitchen and other remote areas, guest-check settlement, credit card transaction processing, and charge posting folios.
  • Pre-built recurring journal entries to record Daily Sales Reports (DSRs).
  • Pre-built financial statements including an income statement with food, beverage, liquor, beer and wine costs as a percent of related revenue.
  • Conversion utilities to import vendors, catering customers, opening balance from other software.
  • Reservations simplistic in nature Table management designed to allocate reservation/wait/walk-in list with tables, locations, service
  • Waiter can order with Tablet

ERP Fleet Management System

Fleet Management Fleet Management

  • Point of Sale
  • Purchase
  • Accounting
  • Warehouse
  • Reporting
  • Human Resource (only record employee data)

ERP Manufacturing Management System

Manufacturing Management Manufacturing Management

  • Multilevel can be defined and raw material can be recorded in each BOM level.
  • Manufacturing Order can be scheduled on calendar easily.
  • Manufacturing Quantity can defined and performed as Minimum Stock Level by customer order and sale forecast.
  • The loss of WIP, product quantity can be defined and compared KPI with report as every step of manufacturing process.

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